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September 1, 2021

Like every year, this one is dominated by certain trends in the field of web design. My sa dnes pozrieme, čo prevláda tento rok, a čo by vás mohlo zaujať ak vás zaujíma design či grafika.

Although the first case is not about design, it is a very important thing that your site needs. Web speed is one of the most important things, so make sure the web loads as fast as possible. It is better to regret some effects and other specialties. This will not only give you better SEO, but also the joy of your visitors and prevent you from leaving before the entire page loads.

From small animations, we witness ever more complex animation solutions. It is no longer enough for us to simply arrive at the object, now we are watching complex animations of the background or foreground. The main advantage of parallax animations is the creation of a space where we have one photo cut into several layers and when scrolling, the effect of 3D space is created, which adds a smirk to the page. Another popular technology is Lottie animations, the advantage of which is that they are vector objects and everything related to them is expressed mathematically, so the file size is very small and fits into any web solution.

Dark mode is becoming more and more popular. Therefore, it is ideal if the site visitor has the option to choose whether to use dark or light. In the evening or at night, a dark design is more suitable, as it saves eyesight, but some also like the dark mode during the day. For designers, however, this brings minor complications, as it is no longer enough to create only one design, but it is necessary to create another, adapted to dark colors.

Antidesign, ie a style that is more a relation to modern, perfect and sleek styles, which we can follow everywhere. The idea is to differentiate yourself either between the competition or just to be different, creative and bring something new. Here, the designer can go crazy with non-traditional factories, shapes or elements. It is definitely not suitable for classic clients and regular businesses, but for an indie cafe or exhibition as a project, this style will find use.

Of course, we also have minimalism here that will last forever and is essentially effective, clear, and even simple. Many people like it because they don’t like complicated and overwhelmed things. Minimalism doesn’t have to be just about a black and white combination, colors are a great thing, but it’s good to have things airy while also using extremely large gaps and a lot of space. It goes without saying that simple elements are used.

History keeps repeating itself, so we are also experiencing the return of retro fonts and retro style, whether backgrounds, photos or ornaments. This style will definitely find use, not only for lovers of the good old days, but also in stylish companies, at events, etc.

Another big comeback is reported by 3D. We have 3D graphics here since the beginning, but only recently has we started using 3D objects on websites, as the faster the internet connection, we can afford more complex objects and it’s not just in static 3D, it also applies to full 3D objects with rotation, whether for scrolling or static animations.

Oh .. illustrations, illustrations, .. they are everywhere and everyone likes them, because they can enliven the site and mostly thanks to the illustration they can show the procedure, show instructions, but also display various photos of products in style, without looking boring. The disadvantage is the need for additional costs for the work of an illustrator, but it is definitely worth it. Of course, we also have a bunch of stock banks, so it can be solved at a reasonable price. If we combine it with the mentioned Lottie animations, we will have a beautiful website.

.Blur, everywhere lately we have blurred backgrounds, surfaces, glosses, radiation translucent objects. Although this style is from 2020, in our opinion it is still trendy and top this year as well. It simulates real glass objects, under which we use various colored elements that highlight the “glass”.

The origins of neumorphism begin somewhere in the days of skeuomorphism, when the famous Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone and all applications were based on real objects. Although this style replaced the flat design, which simplified and unified everything, but as usual, a change must come and it came in the form of neumorphism, which combines both these styles – simplicity and clarity, but with realistic elements such as shadows, which create a space effect.

Authors: M. Žačok, M. Hudová

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