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We are looking for a skilled DevOps to join our team, who will be in charge of running promising e-commerce solutions in a cloud environment. The future colleague will focus on CI / CD in the form of continuous automation of the deployment process as well as other related processes. Knowledge of server security and configuration is important.

DevOps engineer will be in charge of:
Care for the server architecture in the cloud, where test and production versions of ecommerce solutions are deployed. SAP Commerce is one of the leading leaders in e-commerce platforms, mainly due to its robustness and pre-configured integrations not only for SAP products but also for other 3rd party solutions.
The goal is to automate the deployment process using pipelines within the CI / CD in Gitlab. We currently have an automated part of the process, but the goal is fully automatic deployment with all phases such as static code analysis, build, unit testing, deployment, running initialization scripts, integration tests and UI tests.

The existing team is currently composed of Java developers who work on the platform and have experience that will be used by the DevOps developer in initializing the environment and supervising the proper running of the application.

Docker is used, which contains containers such as Java environment, database, Solr, mailcatcher, etc. Deployment is currently being implemented on the SAP cloud portal, where we currently have a production server, 1 stage server and 2 dev servers. It is also planned to use Microsoft Azure, where we would be able to run automatic tests.

Technologies used in the project:

  • Gitlab CI/CD
  • Docker
  • Java
  • Windows server
  • Azure
  • SQL
  • Soir
  • SAP cloud
  • SAP commerce
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