About us

Something about us

An individual approach and professional care for your project are the key to successful cooperation. From 2011 we have opportunity to transform more than 110 project to online world in more than 36 fields. We specialize in development of advanced web solutions, mobile aplications and custom software. Experiences and knowledge of our 20 talented consultants, developers, testers and designers are fully availabe to you. You should find our consultants in Košice, Bratislava or Praha.

PHP 80%
Java 70%
React 65%
Angular 40%
React native 35%
Others 20%


Origin of Cassovia Code
in 2011
Game development
More than 5 game titles
Experienced team
Dozens of specialist.
Talented professionals

Meet our team

Ján Berežný

CEO & Sales Director

Štefan Nitkulinec

Technical & Marketing Director

Pavol Macko

Deputy Sales Director & HR manager

Michaela Henkelová

PR & Sales Manager

Radana Šimáková

Business Development & IT Project Manager

Michal Sajko

Project Manager